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Q-Pack Tubby STOCK

colouring according to pantone on request|printable and engravable|incl. USB charging cable|LED: shines at charging and discharging|Suited for: Smartphones |Surface: andonised aluminium, andonised colours

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Q-Pack Tubby STOCK

Working temperature: ca. 10°C – 60°C
Life Circle: 500 times
Input Voltage/Currency: 5 V / 850 mA
Output 2 Voltage/Currency: 5 V / 1500 mA
Charging time Power Bank: approx. 3-5 h
Battery: Li- Ionen 18650
2000 mAh: 7,4 Wh
2200 mAh: 8,14 Wh
2600 mAh: 9,62 Wh
3000 mAh: 11,1 Wh

colouring according to pantone on request
printable and engravable
incl. USB charging cable
delivery time approx 7 working days after print approval
LED: shines at charging and discharging
Suited for: Smartphones
Surface: andonised aluminium, andonised colours

Q-Pack Tubby STOCK

width (mm) 22
length (mm) 22
height (mm) 92
weight (g) 0.07
material metal

Print positions

Pos.1: 72mm x 7mm
Pos.2: 72mm x 7mm
Pos.3: 72mm x 7mm
Pos.4: 72mm x 7mm